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Remove Watermarks from Your Images for FREE

Get rid of the watermarks from your images using our powerful AI technology

WatermarkRemover.io - Remove watermarks from images using our robust AI technology | Product Hunt
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Remove Watermarks from Your

Images Quickly and Completely

Using our free watermark remover, you can smoothly get rid of the translucent watermarks from images in just few seconds

How it Works?

Our intuitive AI algorithm performs multiple tasks to remove the watermarks

How it Works?

Our intuitive AI algorithm performs multiple tasks to remove the watermarks

Area Prediction

Our model first predicts the location of the watermark in the image

Colour Separation

It then segregates the colours of watermark from background of the image

Recreate Background

Finally, it reconstructs the background image in the area where watermark was present


Why do Customers Prefer our Product?

Our AI technology enabled product makes removing the watermarks from images trouble-free and straightforward

Automatic Detection

You don't need to waste time in selecting the watermark area to be removed. We predict it automatically

Quality Retention

We maintain the original quality of your image without loosing any details

Easy to Use

You don't need any image editing skills to remove the watermarks. You can do it effortlessly using our product

Multi-Coloured Support

We can easily remove the multi-coloured watermarks from an image

Multiple Watermarks Removal

Our program can remove different watermarks present in an image

No Installation Required

Get rid of watermarks easily without any hassle of installations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at support@pixelbin.io

What is WatermarkRemover.io?


WatermarkRemover.io is an AI-powered tool that automatically removes translucent watermarks from images in a matter of seconds. We allow people from all over the world to benefit from the strength of our product for both personal and professional purposes.

Is WatermarkRemover.io free?


Yes, WatermarkRemover.io is completely free for images processed on our website for personal use. PixelBin.io provides various subscription plans for commercial or professional use.

What images are supported?


WatermarkRemover.io now supports the image types PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP.

How can I use WatermarkRemover.io for bulk processing or commercial purposes?


You can batch process your images using our product PixelBin.io. PixelBin offers real-time image transformations with automatic optimization, image URLs, and storage for your media library.

What is the maximum image resolution / file size?


The maximum output resolution and size supported is 2400 x 2400 px and 25 MB.

Is it illegal to remove watermark from images?


Watermark is often reckoned as an effective copyright protection mechanism. However, the aesthetics of images are spoiled in the process, triggering people to hunt for a way to remove them cleanly. Given the freedom to remove watermarks as they like, we suggest that users should not remove watermarks from the images for commercial use, or remove copyrighted images’ watermarks. Users of this app are solely responsible for any claims, damages, cost, expenses, suits, etc. brought by any third party pertaining to the usage of the resulting images with the watermarks removed. You need to get the original image owner’s consent or approval before you use the watermark removed images for any commercial use.