Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Watermark Photos

Disclaimer: "It is important to note that the use of watermarks is primarily utilized to safeguard the copyright of images and videos. Any unauthorized removal of a watermark constitutes a violation of the rights of the copyright holder and may result in damage to their reputation and credibility. It is highly recommended to obtain the necessary permissions before utilizing or modifying someone else's content. In light of this, does not support or advocate for the unauthorized removal of watermarks or copyrighted material"

Watermarks are often used to protect digital photos from unauthorized use. By adding a watermark, the photographer can ensure the originality of the photo and provide information that they own the photo/image. However, watermarks can also degrade the quality of a photo and make it challenging to print, share or use it anywhere else. 

They can be removed by cropping or editing the photo in some cases. But the reality is that these watermark photos are a big turn-off and ultimately harm your business rather than good. 

Check Out These Six Compelling Reasons to Stop Using Watermark Photos Today.

1) Preserve photo memories in their original form 

Taking pictures has become an essential part of our lives. We use photos to capture and store memories, share our thoughts and experiences with others, and document crucial moments in our lives.

Photos look and feel awkward when they are watermarked, as it shows that the images and their environment are fake and have been staged by a professional photographer.

Why not leave these images raw and unattended without edits in their original form to preserve their lasting memories just the way they are. It helps preserve the sentimental values attached to the photos, which are especially clicked with loved ones.

2) Watermarks can detract the overall appearance of an image

As digital images proliferate online, so do the methods for protecting them from unauthorized use. One common technique is to watermark an image with text or a logo that identifies the copyright holder.

While this approach can help deter some unauthorized copying, it can also detract from the image itself and lower its value. In some cases, the watermark may be so prominent or intrusive that it becomes the critical focus of attention rather than the image itself.

3)  It isn't easy to print or share watermarked images

When it comes to printing photos, most of us would want to print our images without watermarks. However, this is not always possible, especially if the photos are taken from someone else's social media page. Most social media platforms users would watermark the image with the username of the page or account where the photo was originally taken from. 

It can be challenging to print or share the photo with the watermark logo in some cases. Here are the reasons:

  • When an image is watermarked, the content owner can control how the image is used, including who can print it, share it, or post it online.
  • Illegally shared watermarked images can get copyright violation cases from the image owner, which can be challenging to manage if you have used the photos in several places on the internet.

4) Watermarked photos can lead to more unauthorized use of the photo

When you watermark a photo, you are essentially placing your stamp of approval on it. It is supposed to deter people from using the image without your permission, but as it turns out, it can have the opposite effect.

By watermarking your photos, you draw attention and make them more recognizable. And the more recognizable they are, the more likely people want to use them. So if you're looking to protect your photos from unauthorized use, don't watermark them.

5) A watermarked photo can look unprofessional

Photos are often watermarked to protect them from copying and using without permission. However, watermarks can also make photos look unprofessional. There are some significant reasons behind it:

They can be distracting and take attention away from the content of the image, obscure essential details of the photo, or make a photo look dated. Another chance is that potential customers or clients will quickly notice and pass you by favoring a more put-together competitor.

6) Watermarked photos are less likely to get shared

Watermarked photos can be a pain for professionals, influencers, or freelancers relying on images to increase social media engagement and followers as they need to share them with their network.

That means a watermarked photo can attract fewer views, fewer likes, fewer shares, and fewer comments, which strongly supports the statement that why watermarked photos are less likely to get shared and should be removed immediately.


How to Remove Watermark From Images/Photos?

Removing watermarks from photos can be a challenging but not impossible task. There are a few different methods that you can use, depending on the type of watermark and the image itself. One way to remove watermark from image is to use softwares such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva, which can be a costly option as these are paid softwares. 

Another helpful method is to use an online application or software like that specializes in removing watermarks from any images. Take a look at some of the exciting features of App:

  1. No installation required: Are you running low on space on your Mac, laptop, iPhone or Android phone? No need to worry about the storage space to install App. You can directly browse on the website to browse the application and use it worry free anytime.
  1. Easy to use: The app has single click options. The app is easy to use; you need to upload the photo you want to remove the watermark from and then tap on the ‘Download Image’ button. The app does all the heavy lifting for you and removes the watermark quickly and efficiently.
  1. Quality Retention: The app retains the original quality of the image and the new photo looks exactly like the original one without any watermark.
  1. Automatic Detection: App users do not need to select or highlight the watermarking areas as it quickly analyzes and predicts that area for instant removal of watermarks.  
  1. Multiple watermarks removal: If you have several watermarks on a photo that you want to remove, the best way to do it is with a app. This app is specifically designed to remove multiple watermarks from an image, and it can do it quickly and easily.
  1. Multi-coloured support: Worried about removing numerous coloured watermarks from an image? app can easily remove multi-coloured watermarks on your photos for free.

Using App in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Go to website or Get it on Google Play

Home Page of watermarkremoverio

Step 2 - Select the image and use the “Upload Image” button.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - Get “Watermark Removed” Image and Select “Download”.

Download the image for free

Wrap Up

If you're still watermarking your photos, it's time to stop. Here are six compelling reasons to ditch the watermark and let your photos speak for themselves. Use App powered by AI technology, worry-free and streamline your personal & business activities without losing focus and attention.

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