How to Remove a Watermark From JPG & JPEG Images?

Disclaimer: "It is important to note that the use of watermarks is primarily utilized to safeguard the copyright of images and videos. Any unauthorized removal of a watermark constitutes a violation of the rights of the copyright holder and may result in damage to their reputation and credibility. It is highly recommended to obtain the necessary permissions before utilizing or modifying someone else's content. In light of this, does not support or advocate for the unauthorized removal of watermarks or copyrighted material"

A watermark can instantly snatch away the look, feel and natural beauty of any JPG and JPEG image. They are often used to protect the content of an image from being misused or plagiarised. But sometimes, they can be super annoying, especially if you're trying to save or print the watermarked image. Let's know about watermarks and how they can be removed from JPG and JPEG images.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is a logo, signature, or graphic placed on an image to indicate who owns the image or is used to provide critical information like the individual name, brand name, or utility of the image. Watermarks can be difficult to remove, but they are usually possible with a little manual or automated effort. 

Tested methods of removing a watermark

There are a few different methods that you can use to get rid of a watermark from JPG or JPEG images. One common way is simply to crop out the watermarked area using photo editing software. This won't work if multiple watermarks are located in the centre, top-left, top-right, bottom-left or bottom-right position of the image. Another option is to use paid software and expensive photo editing software to cover up the watermark with another part of the image.

This technique takes some skill and practice to get right, but it can be very ineffective at completely removing even complex watermarks and can damage the output image. If you don't have access to photo editing software, there is a popular AI-powered and effective app that can easily separate watermarks from images. is one such app that is simple to use and doesn't require any downloads or registration; simply upload your image and get the original output image with an erased watermark in a few seconds

How To Remove a Watermark From a JPG or JPEG Image With

We will show you how to remove watermarks using intuitive and popular AI-powered app like This app is very easy to use and only takes a few seconds to complete the entire process.

Step 1 - You can upload an image by two methods. 

Home Page of

1 - Copy the URL of the image you want to remove the watermark from, paste it into the field on and hit the Submit button. 

2 - You can also upload the image in the app directly from your mobile or computer.

You can also download the app from Google Play Store 

Step 2 - The app processes the watermarked image, and after a few seconds, you can see your image is displayed on a single page with different watermarks removed on them.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - Now select one of these images and click the Download button if you are satisfied with the result.

Watermark from the image will be removed

What Are The Benefits of Removing a Watermark From a JPG & JPEG Image?

Removing the watermark from JPG & JPEG images is a useful step to getting an outstanding image. Here are some of its incredible benefits:

Improved image quality – Watermarks take up a lot of space in the image and reduce the resolution significantly. Removing them will improve the quality of your photos by increasing their resolution.

Freedom to use – Without watermarks, you can upload these photos to social media websites and share them with friends and family online.

Free from worry – If you want to sell your original photos on stock photography sites, then you will have to remove the watermarks first so that other people can buy them easily.


Nothing can be more painful than the presence of a watermark in the image, which can be distracting and unclear. That’s why individual & businesses try their best to get rid of it so that they can add the watermark removed images to their profile or use it in marketing or for personal use. 

The AI-powered app takes care of hidden and multi-coloured watermarks and can help you remove them from any image within a few seconds. The popular app has been named the #4 Product of the Week on Product Hunt - a growing tech-loving community.

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